Guest Blog by Diane Parker Life After Loss Grief Coaching

23/08/2021 0 By Guest
Guest Blog by Diane Parker Life After Loss Grief Coaching

“Working as a Grief Coach I know how important it is for children to be listened to.

Having conversations around Grief, understanding that this is what we all do when we experience a loss of any kind will have a positive impact on their lives.

No longer looking for a replacement for their losses be that their pet hamster now, or partners in life later!

I was delighted to come across Helen Bowler specializing in not just helping the children, but the adults on how to approach these sometimes difficult conversations with her special boxes.

Helen, I wish you every success with your extremely important work in helping more people understand and talk about the emotion of grief. “

Diane Parker, Life After Loss Grief Coaching.

Diane is a grief recovery specialist working with people who have a fear of letting go of their grief because of worry of what will happen if they do?

Diane offers support and in depth coaching with an accountability programme to keep moving forward

If you would like to contact Diane, please find her details below.

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