Guest Blog by Jodi Heyes Children’s Empowerment Coach

30/08/2021 0 By Guest
Guest Blog by Jodi Heyes Children’s Empowerment Coach

Hi All, I’m Jodi, the creator of Worley and Co who are my tribe of emotion monsters. I run a
friendly supportive community for families looking to nurture and educate young minds.
I’m a Children’s Empowerment Coach and published author inspiring your children to grow in confidence whilst learning how to understand and manage their emotions.

Having suffered several childhood traumas which led to mental health issues as an adult, I have used my experiences alongside years of training to empower children to #bebravelikeworley (Worley being my main emotion monster!) by teaching strategies so they can fill their emotional regulation toolkits.

One of the tools which I am passionate about promoting is the use of mindfulness in your family’s daily routine. The wonderful thing about mindfulness is even as little as 10 minutes a day can have amazing benefits.

Mindfulness teaches your child to take notice of what is happening now and stop their thoughts from drifting. Children experience stress just like adults do and in some cases they can experience more. It is vital to help our children embrace mindfulness to equip them with strategies to live a happier and more peaceful life.

Here are some of the benefits:
 Improves key skills like focus and self-control.
 Reduces the feeling of anxiety.
 Helps them to build strong relationships.
 Improves sleep.
 Supports a positive mindset.

When are children are faced with challenging situations that trigger a number of emotions having the tools to be mindful can be a great way to reduce the negative emotions and refocus the brain to bring a sense of calm during difficult times. A fantastic tool to run along side a memory box from Helen.

If you’re a parent looking for support with your child’s emotional regulation, please do come and join my community of Facebook. You’ll also get all the exclusive details about book two in the ‘When Worley’ series called ‘When Worley Gets Angry!’ – teaching children the tools to deal with anger,
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