How Hayley and her son were helped by a Memories Box

22/12/2021 0 By Guest
How Hayley and her son were helped by a Memories Box

“We got the wonderful Badgers Parting Gifts memory box and I cannot recommend it enough.

My son opened it saying ‘This is so cool!!’. He observed each item and came across the guardian angel coin, he asked if he could take it to school in his pocket.

Helen was fantastic explaining the concept of the variety of art activities which helped me choose the right one for him.

He was so excited to paint the pebbles and it was an interesting insight into what plays on his mind.

Nanny and grandad as stars in the night sky,
A rainbow stone consisting of family members favourite colours.
A pet frenchie, Lulu who he misses dearly.
Grampys fave footy team Oxford United fc and he loved McDonald’s chips.
Nanny loves pink and gives lots of cuddles, and to always Persevere when things get tough.

He asked me to put the dog and persevere pebble in his lunch bag so he could show his best friend.

We read the book which sparked a surprising discussion opening my eyes up to the things that play on his mind.

I explained that God takes us to heaven when he feels we are ready. He took grandad because he was tired and couldnt breathe on his own, his body didnt work anymore. Now he’s in heaven he isnt hurting and can breathe easy so he can have fun with nanny.

He also said ‘But your legs get tired and your body hurts just like badger in the story.’
I know but my heart is so very strong, i had that scan done the other week remember and its all good. God knows im not ready yet, we still got so many fun adventures to go on, and he smiled.

We then went on to talk about parting gifts we have received. He remembered his Grampy gave him his watch and told him to practise telling the time so that he could tell him the next time he saw him.
I told him he also gave me gifts too. When i was little he taught me how to tie my shoelaces, how to bird watch and to look after flowers.

See we carry those we’ve lost with us always.

The box will play a valuable part of our grieving process as a family and we will fill it with photos and drawings and continue to delve into it whenever we want to feel close to those we’ve lost. I cannot thank Helen enough, a simple but very precious idea”

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