What Do I Put in a Memory Box?

01/02/2022 0 By Helen Bowler
What Do I Put in a Memory Box?

What do I put in my memory box?

When a person is preparing for or has suffered a bereavement, a Memory Box can be useful tool to help with the grieving process.

There are no rules as to what goes inside, it really is up to each individual.

If you have already experienced the loss of a person you may choose to keep photographs, letters, jewellery or piece of their clothing.

The box in the picture has a suggestion of some of the items that can go into a box. This one includes a journal that the Dad wrote about his life in, along with a photograph of Dad and Daughter together.

Using a memory box with someone who is terminally ill can be a great opportunity to share stories, perhaps painting hands and printing them on the outside?

These boxes help memories to come flooding back into hearts and minds each time it is opened and can offer great comfort as part of the healing process.

These can also be used after the loss of pet. You may want to keep their collar, lead, favourite toy, or photos inside.

For children, objects can help remind them of loved ones, of happy times spent together. Memories that are so important when we are missing someone.

Boxes can be plain or decorated with paints to give them that personal touch.

They are also a thoughtful gift if you are looking to support a child but cannot be with them.

Create your own box using supplies that are available here;


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Dear Dad journal available here;


Further support is available from many charitable organisations, such as;