What is a Memory Box?

01/02/2022 0 By Helen Bowler
What is a Memory Box?

What is a memory box?

The death of a loved one can be one of the hardest experiences that human beings can suffer.

You might feel like you’ll never recover from the heartbreak, but you will. You’ll go through the stages of grief, and eventually will find joy again. Finding coping strategies becomes part of the grieving process.

A memory box can also called a keepsake box. It is any type of container where a grieving person can keep mementos safely inside. These may remind you of the person who is ill, who has died, or remind them of happier times.

All types of items can be kept inside including letters, photos, books, jewellery and clothing.

A memory box can be a helpful coping tool to help work through grief. Yours will be extremely personal to you and your experience.

If you have suffered the loss of a pet you may decide to create one. You may want to keep items inside that remind you of your pet.

If your parents have separated and you don’t get to see one of them often you can create one to remind you of them.

Special occasions like births, special birthdays or marriages can all have mementos to keep safe.

You may find one helpful for a person suffering from dementia. Items inside can ignite old memories.

There are many reason that people decide to keep a memory box. If you are looking for supplies to create your own, they can be found here;


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